About me

I have always been called to nature, born and raised surfing the coasts of Peru, and working as a guide through the Amazon rivers and trails. I’ve seen first hand, the endless beauty and the fragility of our biosphere. I have always had a passion for the visual arts and design, and began my path in Sydney, Australia, where I found my life partner in love and adventure. I then moved to Pasadena, Ca to complete a BSc in Product Design at the Art Center College of Design in 2013. After graduating, I lived in NYC where I was immersed in a corporate driven design studio culture at Aruliden until 2015. I then moved with my wife to Tucson, Az, which was an unexpected shift, giving birth to my own line of work. Here is where I discovered the world of beautiful gems, minerals, and fossils. I was inspired to use design with these earth’s natural beauties and I set up a tent-covered workshop in my backyard, and what you see are the results.

It has been an exciting journey discovering much of my craft in wood, metal, leather, and stone, enduring monsoon storms, and intense heat of the Sonoran desert.

By showcasing pieces of the natural world, it will hopefully remind people of just how precious, and essential the fruits of the earth are.

We are moving to British Columbia the second half of 2019 where I will set up shop and continue to work on more pieces..