A burnt plywood cone held by a suspended steel frame finished in gold leaf. An electric motor rotates the brass and burnt wood hands.

Enso. Now. The present. Ahora. Time is but another unit of measurement, another axis in our human perception of existence, another dimension. In quantum physics, string theory suggests that there are several dimensions. We humans are three dimensional beings - length, depth, and height - living in a four dimensional spacetime continuum. Theoretically, if we were five dimensional beings, we could experience time as the other volumetric dimension, and we would be able to walk right through it.

But we are four dimensional. Hence, the experience of time is narrowed down to the thinnest possible slice of existence. We cannot re-experience the past, only reminisce or forget it.  The future is infinite, undefined yet possibly predictable but the present always just is. Narrowing our focus on the present brings clarity, and the purest form of existence.

Dimensions: 29”W x 29”D x 21”H 

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